A Leading Premier TVET College

Dear Parents,

Are these your expectations from a college?
1. A positive thinking study environment
2. Effective job placement in relevant field
3. Secure a salary of at least RM3000 within 5 years of graduation
4. Be part of your child’s education at all times
5. Ensure an education with the right attitude and character

Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) programmes at College CQ-TEC are based on the above objectives, which is to build successful careers for your child. We attribute our graduates’ success to our unique success formula:

Success = 80% Emotional Quotient (EQ) + 20% Intelligence Quotient (IQ). 
Our students understand that emotion and character plays a major role in decision making, planning and execution of any tasks.
Mastering technical skills will bring success only with the right attitude and character. This is the reason why our graduates have a high success and employability rate.
Since 2001,  CQ-TEC College has contributed more than 5000 graduates to the Malaysian skilled workforce. 
We specialise in providing vocational training in the field of Hospitality, Office Administration, Information Technology, Certification In Single & Three Phase Electrical Installation & Maintenance with INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT-IRev 4.0) .

We are committed to our motto:



Vision and mission

Mission Statement

To create, develop and continuously train a thinking workforce that is positive, innovative, creative and dynamic and evolves with the ever changing industrial needs to enable graduates to be current and to command a high income and social standing at both local and international level.


– A curriculum that is both national and international
– A learning environment that is both conducive and student friendly
– Hands on practical learning experience at industries
– The essential thinking skills that differentiates a positive thinking workforce from a mere knowledge workforce
– Immediate employment opportunities
– Knowledge with appropriate work attitudes and living skills

Notice Board

Awards and Achievements

As a result of CQ-TEC TVET COLLEGES’ effort to provide the best vocational education and also essential employability skills for its students has enabled it to secure the following awards and achievements:

NAPEI Educational Excellence Award

8 Times Since 2005-2013

FEMAC Skills Competition

3rd Prize

Indian dance of ‘Kuchipudi’

Trainee selected for Indian dance of ‘Kuchipudi’ training in India by Astro

3rd Annual International Skills conference

Research paper submission as stakeholder in 3rd Annual International Skills conference

What Our Students Say

'For me the CQ-TEC College is a unique establishment where life-long memories are formed. Coming back to the same university to study.after graduating with my undergraduate degree 16 years ago, felt like coming home.'
'My life at the CQ-TEC College has been life-changing. The courses are led by outstanding lecturers and the College is strategically located between the LRT and city centre.
' The CQ-TEC College is the best modern college to attend. There are so many great facilities which help improve our academic skills and help with our professional progress.'
'Studying in the CQ-TEC College is like a dream come true because it gives me a perfect opportunity to learn what I exactly want to pursue. The campus is lively and filled with chances to fulfil my goals."
"In CQ-Tec College, I really like the flexible nature of the programme and the ability to study when and where it suits me! The teaching is great and course structure is nice and easy to follow. " 
"If you wanna reach your goals, then go for it, and CQ-Tec College one of the best places that you can do that as a parent, and that's the truth, because what other university are you gonna go to where there's that much support and you don't have to be on campus all the time?

Corporate Partners


A Message From Us

" On behalf the faculty and staff of College CQ-TEC of Colleges, we welcome you to one of the most reputable vocational skills training college group in Malaysia. Our objective at College CQ-TEC is to provide skills education at its best and essential support services that prepare individuals to improve their personal quality of life and to contribute to their economically and culturally diverse community. We will achieve this objective by creating a positive thinking skilled workforce that will fit into a high income economy. College CQ-TEC offers both the Malaysian Skills Certification programmes at certificate and diploma levels and International Certifications. We currently offer vocational skills training in 6 sectors namely Business and Finance, Information Technology, Certification In Three Phase Electrical Installation And Maintenance , Culinary Arts and Hotel and Tourism. Our vocational students graduate with the skills that are in high demand in today's work environment. College CQ-TEC has a high rate of instant employability. In fact most of our graduates are employed during internship. In recognition of its quality education services, College CQ-TEC has been awarded the prestigious NAPEI Education Excellence Award for Vocational Education Services provider category 7 times since year 2005. College CQ-TEC has also embarked on providing Dual Certification opportunities for selected courses in Hotel and Tourism, Culinary Arts, Office Administration and Information Technology from City and Guilds (UK) and CompTIA UK. We have also signed Memorandum of Understanding with numerous industry partners to provide industrial training with employment opportunities for our trainees. We offer students individual support, small classes with exceptional faculty, and a quality education at an affordable price. College CQ-TEC is led by faculty who share a common trait- a commitment to teaching excellence. I wish to state that every student is important to us and we are here for your success. "