Internet of Things (IoT) for Technical Personnel (IReV4.0)

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Prerequisites 18 years and above /SPM/STPM/Diploma / Degree

This course provides a foundational understanding of how IOT devices work and how these devices can be connected with existing electrical layout in office and industrial settings.It includes hands-on electrical skills improvement and is
designed to train maintenance technicians and other non-electrical personnel, working in industrial plants and
commercial buildings, to connect to the Internet of Things (IOT). This will enable the sensors/devices to collect data like
temperature, pressure, motion and others to help in Automation for the factories/industries.

This will enable operation managers and factory heads to remotely manage the factory units and take advantage of process automation and optimization. This training will prepare the companies and its workers in the adoption of industrial 4.0. It is also a great refresher course for experienced electricians and engineers.The training will be focused and various methods of delivery will be used as follows:

a) Lecture/Training
b) Practical Exercises – Hands On
c) Group Activities
d) Video Presentation
e) Lab ActivitiesUpon completion of the program, participants will :
a) Have skills and knowledge of installing and wiring of electrical components with proper safety precautions.
b) Be able to Draw, Read and understand simple electrical diagrams.
c) Have knowledge and workings of IOT components and devices
d) Be to wire up electrical components with IOT devices for connectivity and automation applications.
e) Learn the functions and security requirements of IOT process.
f) Have skills and knowledge of coding for IOT devices.
g) Know how to amend or improve existing codes to suit environment or applications.
h) Know how to connect the IOT devices to the Internet Network for remote controlling and operations of IOT applications in Smart Homes and Smart factories of Industry 4.0

                                                          Assessments will be accomplishment based


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